In the spring of 2009 I completed a custom order for a European client, a 20x24 for instant film with built-in processor and supported by its' own stand.

Production takes six to eight months.

Contact for details.

Price: On request



This is the prototype of our 20"x24" field camera for conventional film.
Currently assembled and working, but undergoing some design revisions to reduce weight. Production cameras will be natural varnished wood with black anodized frame and hardware.

size folded: 30" x 30" x 6" (excluding knobs)
Max ext.: 60"
Min ext.: approx 7" lensboard to ground glass
Full movements on front standard
Rear tilt, and "top focus" for short lens use
Lensboards: 8" x 8", "bolt on"
Expected weight = 50 pounds (currently 60)

Price: $6500.US