Sep. 17, 2014:

20"x24" IS BACK !
After a longer than planned absence, the San Francisco camera is back, and available for rentals and Portrait sittings. Inquire from the contact page for details.

20x24 Studio West continues operations in San Francisco, providing both in studio and location rentals. In cooperation with 20x24 Holdings in New York, 20x24 West will be the exclusive west coast dealer of Polaroid 20x24 Instant Film. 
Find rental info at the link in the header above, or email Tracy Storer,
Director, from the Contact page.

For more information on Mammoth Camera Companytm additional camera offerings
and accessories, please click here.

To view the progress of the building of the new 20x24 camera, including camera parts and machining photos on Flickr, click here.